Hotel Carpet Care

Hotel Teppichpflege

The carpet of your hotel creates a cosy atmosphere and comfort. But it has to endure a lot every day. With our carpet cleaning, we want to maintain a homely environment for your guests and preserve the value of the carpets in the long term. We determine the structure, production method and degree of wear of your carpet and recommend the appropriate cleaning method.

Generally, a distinction is made between wet and dry cleaning. Standard methods of wet cleaning include shampooing and spray extraction. The carpets are thoroughly vacuumed to prepare for these procedures. Then the carpet is shampooed with a single-disc or triple-disc machine. In the process, surfactants are added to the carpet pile, which dissolve the dirt and trap it in the foam.

The pile is rinsed with water in the subsequent spray extraction and the dirt is removed in this process. In addition, an antistatic agent can prevent the carpet picking up excessive static charge. The dried carpet is vacuumed again so that any residual crystals of the carpet shampoo are completely removed. With this cleaning, your carpet is maintained and ready to meet its high demands.


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