Outsourcing with R&A Hotelservice

Outsourcing – a real alternative?

Outsourcing for you means that you put selected services in the hands of an external service provider. Organisational structures or service areas, which can be made more cost-effective and more generally effective for you through external support, are assumed by the service provider. We at R&A Hotelservice offer you our support to make your daily hotel operation easier and to give you more freedom to look after your guests.

Outsourcing different areas?

Why should you leave tasks that you have hitherto managed alone to a service provider? Why would your own hotel staff not be sufficient? Staff changes and sick leave often tie up resources. If you want to concentrate fully on the management of your hotel, outsourcing of room cleaning, breakfast or laundry services can be financially and personally advantageous and make your workday more effective.

What are the advantages of this for you?

Outsourcing in your respective application area should bring you savings, flexibility and more time for your guests. So calculate and compare our offer to the costs that you incur due to cleaning with in-house staff and additional temporary staff. Please also keep in mind the difference between our trained employees and the constantly changing staff of a personnel service provider. What could be more expedient than having a reliable hotel service provider by your side?

Together instead of just side by side!

It is unusual to put these tasks in the hands of a hotel service provider. We are aware that such a decisive step must be well planned and prepared for. We would like to actively counter any doubts you might have and let you know that our work will be to your satisfaction. It is important for us to live together and not compete. Through our many years of experience, we are convinced of our capabilities and know that you can benefit from our flexibility and our know-how. So let us make you an offer, check it for profitability and benefits, open up to new opportunities, and experience the benefits of working with our company.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your team.


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