Christin Rothe-Andres

Christin Rothe-Andres


As a trained hotel specialist, I have been working in the hotel service sector for more than 10 years and have looked after a vast variety of hotel categories during this time. I completed my training as a hotel manager (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), business administrator (Crafts Code) and internal auditor in order to expand my knowledge and thereby make my daily work more effective.

One of my particular strengths is an eye for improvements in the workplace and the internal process flows. I would like to run a company that respects and supports its employees. Our clients should feel like they have arrived with R&A Hotelservice. I like to take on new challenges because I know everything can always be done a little better. Individuality, flexibility and friendliness form the bases of our services for you. Your satisfaction is crucial for me and I orientate my work around it. I don’t just create your personal service package - I want to use my knowledge and skills to contribute to your hotel being recommended. When your guests become regulars, I know that we have done our job well by you.

R&A Hotelservice
Christin Rothe-Andres
Landshuter Str. 13
85356 Freising

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